How does the service work?
One of our marketing managers will visit your shop to discuss the best package depending on your specific business needs, budget and insurance.

How can you guarantee press coverage?
It's a brand new idea: with our press office work, we can ensure you the best, widest media coverage you have ever had.

Are the goods stolen for real?
Yes. Absolutely. Anything that will happen in your shop is real. 100% guaranteed.

Is your service legal?
Absolutely. It may become illegal only if the client (you) choose to call the police against the participants in the action or our staff.
Such a remote possibility is discouraged also through a penalty applied in such cases (the penalty fee is proportional to the company's net profit for the previous business year).

Why not just give out free items?
Even if a donation could be made for the same expense, a regular donation does not guarantee the same media coverage.

How can your service be so inexpensive?
the current slow economy allows us to pay the staff (participants in the action) exclusively with the items they take from the store. No additional fee is payed by the client for their work. it's designed by