> Shock and Hoax a Roma il 25 Marzo
> ancora a Roma il 27 Marzo
> a Bologna il 28 Marzo
> a L'Aquila il 30 Marzo
> a Ferrara il 6 Aprile
> a Carrara il 7 Aprile
> Shock and Hexxon a Torino il 12 Aprile
Shock and Hoax

English version

Shock ah hoax operation spreads around Italy

Last week in different italian towns at night, some new elements in the urban landscape appeared:
- yellow tape closed off blocks, surrounded specific building... hanging from the tape were various messages "war zone" "do not trenspass" " refugee camp in construction - sorry for the inconvenience" "mine clearing zone" "biological warfare free zone" "military training"
Some of targeted building were:
City hall, famous monuments, University etc...

This operation of urban marketing has two goals:
- increasing brand awarness of PEACE uderlining the pervasivness of the us - iraq conflict, its extending from the Middle East to all the cities and our "normal and peaceful" everyday lives
- implementing a brand extension of PEACE, beyond the old notions of pure negation of conflict (even when we it is really happening)

War on Iraq is an imperial delirium, perpatrated by a humantarian terrorist capitalist to have direct control on this planet resources...
A response to can start from the western peaceful cities, were a simbolic humanitarian war can attack global capitalism.

Another war is possible.

Guerriglia Marketing

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